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One never gets bored at Golden Bees. The hive is constantly buzzing with new ideas that quickly turn into projects. Elise Jacq leads several of them, including Wan2bee, Golden Bees’ platform for candidates. In this video, she explains her work and challenges.

"Efficiency and speed must be at the core of the future of recruitment"



A closer look at Elise’s career as Project Manager at Golden Bees


Can you please introduce yourself in a few words?

Hello, my name is Elise Jacq and I am the Project Manager at Golden Bees. My role at Golden Bees is to manage the marketing and product part of projects. I am currently working on Golden Bees’ B2C solution, also known as Want2Be, which allows transforming untimely web advertising by targeted job offers for candidates. Want2Be is soon going to become a platform allowing job seekers to have a dynamic follow-up application board but also an automatisation system for applications which means that instead of sending one’s application and cover letters every day, the platform is going to do it for you. Thanks to that you’ll get to spend more time on Netflix!


What motivated you to join Golden Bees?

I decided to join Golden Bees because I wanted work on projects that have true impact on society like Want2Be. Today, finding a job is very difficult and extremely individualistic. People are increasingly discouraged, so I want to make it easier to look for jobs but also support these people in their professional evolution. For example, if I knew about Want2Be myself
while I was looking for a job in the past, perhaps I would have found my job more easily and I would have been more motivated.

Moreover, I like to come up with new projects and at Golden Bees
there are so many ideas that you never get bored. Looking for a job in the future is going to be completely automated and simplified all you will need to do is ask Alexa or OK Google to apply for a job on your behalf or simply check the responses concerning your very own applications.
I think that efficiency and rapidity is going to be the core of future recruitment.


What is your background?

I have a rather multi-disciplinary career background. I began with art and then I went towards the digital world and thanks to my various professional experiences within communication I realized that I could take advantage of these skills while creating a project. If I can learn additional skills in IT today,
it’ll be just great!


What do you like the most about your job?

What I love the most in my job is the creative aspect, the designing aspect or even event planning for example. I also like the analytical and sociological
aspect of a product or project, investigate why it’s going to work or the contrary with the client or the defined target it is very interesting and enriching. Not to mention, being able to switch between the different types of product development and projects allows us to learn new things and push ourselves even further. It’s definitely a great way to prevent boredom. This is something very important!

To sum up Golden Bees in three words: Solidarity, opportunity
and also the future because Golden Bees is the future.
Isn't that beautiful?